About Us



While the 21st century has afforded us with tremendous advances and advantages in terms of athletic performance training, it is surprising to find this type of training has not yet reached the general public. Our GOAL is to deliver the latest and most effective training methods to all athletes who are motivated to learn and train.


Our primary objective is to develop the complete athlete. This goal is achieved primarily through our training programs. The programs are designed to take each athlete to there own optimal level of performance. We use the latest and most innovative scientific training methods available anywhere!  These programs are the best and most effective way to increase your speed and athletic performance.


Our coaches are the most qualified in the field of sports science and speed development. Following a speed and performance evaluation athletes receive a training regimen designed to meet their goals and sports needs. This will take the athlete to the next level!


Not only do we claim that our speed and performance programs are the best available, but we back it up with a guarantee. We guarantee increases in speed, power, and agility for all athletes who complete 24 training sessions.

Any athlete that does not improve speed, power, or agility will receive eight free training sessions.